Marketing Benchmarks from 7,000+ Businesses

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Learn how much content you need to drive the traffic and leads you want.

Take the hope out of online lead generation.

Delve deep into "meaning of life" questions for content marketing:

  • What's blogging's impact on website traffic?
  • How many landing pages do I need?
  • What's social's impact on traffic?
  • How does B2B differ from B2C?

Just some of the tidbits you'll learn:

  • Leads double when you increase blogging from 3-5x per month to 6-8x per month.
  • Companies that blog 15x or more per month get 5x the traffic of those which do not blog.
  • Increasing landing pages from 10 to 15 increases leads by 55 percent.
  • Websites with 51-100 pages drive nearly twice the leads of smaller websites.

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