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Benefit from best practices

This customizable eBook helps you benefit from the best practices of Inbound Marketing and Inside Sales, including:

  • How quickly to respond to leads
  • How frequently to respond to leads
  • The best way to respond to leads
  • Sales messaging by stage of the buyer's journey (ToFu, MoFu and BoFu)
  • And many more!

What makes inbound leads different?

This free playbook for B2B sales managers and marketing managers helps explain to salespeople the ways that Inbound leads differ from cold-called leads, and how they should be handled depending on the kind of content marketing offer(s) to which they've responded. It's provided as a Word document, so you can tailor it to your specific situation.

Learn how the Inbound Marketing ROI model helped a CPA firm

See firsthand the difference this model made for a CPA firm we worked with and how this very eBook brought its company to a new level. Let this eBook provide a blueprint for profitable website content marketing for your CPA firm.


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