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Benefit from best practices

This customizable eBook helps you benefit from the best practices of Inbound Marketing and Inside Sales, including:

  • How quickly to respond to leads
  • How frequently to respond to leads
  • The best way to respond to leads
  • Sales messaging by stage of the buyer's journey (ToFu, MoFu and BoFu)
  • And many more!

You have the leads but can’t close them... now what?

If your sales team currently generates all or most of its leads by cold calling, they won't know what to do with the leads you've generated from Inbound Marketing. Since they "know" that most leads have no value, that's just how they'll treat your hard-earned leads.  That is, unless, you coach them on the best practices for handling Inbound leads.

Learn how the Inbound Marketing ROI model helped a CPA firm

See firsthand the difference this model made for a CPA firm we worked with and how this very eBook brought its company to a new level. Let this eBook provide a blueprint for profitable website content marketing for your CPA firm.


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