Feeling Time Pressure to

Revive a Stalled Pipeline?

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The Webinar to Watch for New SaaS CMOs

Getting the Leads that Sales Needs...

...while preparing your organization for success

CMOs are under more pressure than ever to deliver leads to sales, do it now, and brand be damned. How can you drive results today without mortgaging the future? What do your internal customers really need in a lead? And what do the real people in your target market actually want?

In this fireside chat and deep dive, Ken Lempit (ALG President) and Jason Myers (ALG Strategic Account Lead) cover:

  • The quandary: Tactics or strategy?
  • Assessing the situation and negotiating expectations
  • Rationalizing budget and operations
  • Generating the leads that sales needs
  • Brand building through thought leadership content
  • What does a holistic content marketing strategy look like as we recover from the pandemic?

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Watch the on-demand webinar